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My flight home was leaving at 9:45 pm so I had all day left. Carol and I said goodbye to Bernice since she didn’t know if she would be back in time. We spent the morning packing. We decided to ask Paulo to go up to the restaurant behind us to get a plate of goat meat and a plate of chicken for lunch. It took him a long time but he got it. We shared it with him for being so nice to get it. It was delicious! This gave us a chance to chat with him and found out that his wife is expecting in three months.
Carol really wanted to get a salad bowl to go with the salad spoons I gave her for her birthday. So we got a taxi to go to the Cultural Heritage Center and looked at bowls. She found the perfect one and was able to get the price down. Then we stopped at the grocery store to get some things for Erik and Bernice and got back to the house in plenty of time. Erik came home too. Carol made plans to go out with Saidi that night.
The taxi came at 5:45 pm and I said my goodbyes. I got kind of choked up when saying goodbye to Erik. Five minutes down the road I remembered my sweater so we came back to get it. Then 10 minutes down the road we got a flat tire. He changed it in five minutes! So I got to the airport and as I was standing in line to get into the building, I realized that I left my backpack and sweater in the taxi! I panicked and started texting people and finally just called Erik. He called Hamisi and he called the taxi driver who turned around and came back. I was so relieved to get my stuff! I got on the plane for the 9:45 pm flight and flew to Dar. We sat in the plane on the tarmac while some people got off and others got on and the flight crew was replaced. Then we flew to Amsterdam overnight.
In the Amsterdam airport I bought a round of cheese and got a Starbucks coffee. The flight home was uneventful. I saw some good movies. I arrived home at around 11:15 am. I took an Uber home. The driver was from Afghanistan so we had a very interesting conversation. The sun was shining and it was good to be home!

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Last day 😢

Today was my last full day in Tanzania. It’s hard to believe it’s over but it has been two months! I have had a nasty cough for at least two weeks and it’s been bad at night. So this morning I asked Bernice to take me to a doctor. I felt bad since she was going out of the area at 9:00 am. We left at 7:30 am. The doctor was late so of course Bernice didn’t get home until 9:30. The doctor said that I didn’t have pneumonia but an upper respiratory infection and prescribed antibiotics and cough medicine.
Carol and I just hung around the house, sitting outside on the porch until the rain started. It just poured!! And it got cold. Okay, relatively cold. So cold I had to put on my sweater!
We decided to watch a movie on my iPad. We saw The Queen of Katwe. It seemed timely and is a good movie. Bernice came home but was working on her computer. At 6:30 Bernice took us to George’s Tavern to meet Keira for dinner. We had so much fun talking to her. It was a lovely evening and she gave us a ride home.

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Sunday fun

Erik and Bernice were up and busy doing laundry and cleaning and making pancakes. At close to 1:00 pm, we went to the Ethiopian restaurant where the art exhibit was scheduled to be. Pete O’Neal was there with his son, Patrick and his second cousin. She is from LA and is a wardrobe person for tv shows. Also there was Erik Ndogo, who I had always heard about but never met. It was so much fun talking to everyone but Erik got the day wrong for the art show. Carol and I had to leave to visit Wema’s family. We took a taxi. The family was so welcoming and gave Carol a tour so we could see the cows. Everyone really took to Carol. Pretty soon it started to rain so we brought everything inside. Wema had made a stew of green bananas, green peppers, coconut and carrots. It was delicious! We also had fruit salad. Carol even had seconds.
After we finished eating, we played Uno. It was so much fun. Lightness came and brought Purity. She is an adorable two year old. Lightness gave me a kanga and showed me how to wear it. The Wema gave one to Carol. And Upendo sang for us. She has a lovely voice. We also did a video chat with Orjantan.
We went outside to take pictures since it has stopped raining. The taxi picked us up at 5:30 pm and we said our goodbyes and went home.
Erik and Bernice took us out to dinner at the restaurant that plays loud music in the neighborhood late at night. There was a singer who was good but the music was so loud we couldn’t talk to each other. We had goat meat, chicken and French fries. Delicious! I love goat meat. It rained really hard while we were in the restaurant but stopped by the time we left.

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A quiet day

Carol was having stomach problems last night and then lost her cookies. I felt so bad for her. Until I got it too! Apparently we had food poisoning! I had gone to bed but my stomach was rumbling. I barely made it to the bathroom before I lost it. Big time! I went back to bed but had to get up again an hour or so later. Miserable! So this morning, neither of us were feeling to great. I drank some water but didn’t eat anything until late afternoon. Erik went for a bike ride and Bernice went to be with a friend so Carol and I just rested. We took an afternoon nap. Anika and Sippi came for a visit.
By afternoon we were both feeling better Erik brought out cheese and crackers. Bernice made spaghetti for dinner and we had a nice evening.

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Back to Arusha

This morning it was raining again. It was pouring!! Just when I thought it couldn’t rain any harder, it did! The sound was deafening! Carol and I packed and then went to breakfast. Some people were swimming even in the pouring rain. The taxi came at 9:00 am and said our goodbyes and left. It poured rain all the way to the airport. A porter had an umbrella for us to get into the airport. Our flight was at 11:30 am and we flew the 20 minutes to Dar Es Salam. We walked in the rain to the airport building. They are very big on security there. We had to go through a checkpoint when we entered the building. Then another one for our carry ons before going to our next gate. Before we boarded, we had another one! Since I had a metal knee, I have to be groped by a woman security person every time! We had a couple of hours between flights so we got some lunch and read.
The flight to the Kilimanjaro airport was half empty. It took about an hour. We landed about 4:30 pm and took a shuttle to Arusha and then a cab to Erik and Bernice’s house. No rain in Arusha. It was nice to be back! I FaceTimed with Kari and the kids. Carol wasn’t feeling well and showered and went to bed. Bernice fixed fish, rice, and peas. Ice cream for dessert. Momoya called and plans to come over tomorrow night.

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